Pupil Premium 2017–2018

The pupil premium for 2017/18 is £10,510, this will be spent on:
Educational visits, uniform, after school clubs and Teaching Assistants support.

The main barriers to educational achievement of the pupils eligible for pupil premium in our school is self esteem and confidence. The children benefit from small group work in different subjects and in class support provided by Teaching Assistants.

Self esteem and confidence is also boosted by offering attendance at after school clubs for these children.

The impact of the pupil premium is measured by observing the children’s attitudes to learning, their confidence during lessons and playtimes and their academic attainment at the end of the year.

The next review of the pupil premium strategy will be in July 2018.

Pupil Premium 2016–2017

Pupil premium of £10,560 was spent on:
Afterschool clubs:                                         £50
Educational visits:                                         £22
Teaching assistant support in class:              £10488

The impact of this was in in the attendance of different clubs and activities which the children may not have tried before. This resulted in boosting the children’s self-esteem and confidence.

Pupil Premium 2015–2016
The pupil premium for 2015 -2106 was £9830. This money will be used to fund 1:1 support, TA support, school trips, a self esteem programme, advice from an Educational Psychologist and a laptop with specialist software.

Educational Psychologist                         £670
School Visits                                            £224
Laptop and software                                £660
1:1 and TA support (including self esteem programme)  £8,276

The impact of this has resulted in improved support for an individual child with specific needs. This child is now accessing the curriculum and is beginning to make some progress as their confidence has grown.

For the identified children 71% made at least expected progress for English and Maths. 60% are now at age related expectations for their year group for English and Maths. These children will continue to receive targeted support during the next year through specific programmes and support in class.

Pupil Premium 2014–2015

The pupil premium for 2014-2015 was £3,300.

Educational Psychology Services                  £670
Milk in School                                               £12
Anti-Bullying Programme                               £50
TA Support                                                   £2,568

The impact of this funding was to engage advice from an Educational Psychologist to enable us to better support a pupil, targeting their specific needs. The funding was put towards TA support for the designated children. All the children (100%) made at least the expected progress in English and Maths. 66% (2/3) are now at expected levels (English and Maths) for their year group.

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